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Chimney looking unsafe? Missing tiles or slates?

Whatever needs doing to your roof to put it back in working order, look no further than our team of qualified roofers at Right Choice Roofing & Driveways Ltd.

Emergency Repairs

We offer an emergency call out service, call us now on Freephone 0800 696 5294!
If we do not have the parts or materials at hand we will make your roof temporarily safe for the night and will normally complete the repair on the following day, call us in an emergency, we will be straight to you.

Chimney Repairs

Chimneys take the brunt of the bad weather so they must be inspected regularly to make sure they are stable and working properly. Mortar becomes weak over time and repointing the chimney stack could be all it needs to make it like new again. Unstable chimney cowls and pots can put you and passers by in danger so make sure you give us a call and we will make it safe for you.


Leadwork can fail due to wear and tear and leaks can appear because of this. Let us check that your leadwork is working as it should be and if not, we can get it replaced for you. No matter how small the repair is, we can fix it for you to guarantee that no water can find its way into your roof.

Missing tiles and slates

Beware that if you do have missing tiles, rainwater can easily find its way into your roof and cause bigger problems. A build up, over time can rot away your timber joists and rafters so even if you notice one tile missing contact our experts. Our team will do a good job of matching your new tiles to your existing tiles. Whilst we are on your roof we will check that all your other tiles are fixed properly and let you know of any other repairs we may see.

Dry Verge systems

Dry verge systems protect the mortar from deteriorating through bad weather and frost. Slightly more expensive than mortar however there is little to no annual maintenance involved. If you wish to upgrade to a dry verge system then give us a call.

uPVC Guttering, fascias, soffits & cladding

Upgrade your home from timber and end the lifetime of maintenance of continual painting, treatment and repairs. If you have blocked or broken guttering then call our team to sort it out for you. We use only the highest quality roofline products that are quick to install and can transform any property.

All repair work is fully guaranteed. Deposits are not always needed so call us today to arrange a site visit on Freephone 0800 696 5294 to discuss your repair work, we look forward to your call.